Lightsaber Practice

2008 (1:05) I just signed up for this After Effects course. I’ve always wanted to learn it and this was a good three day intro course to get my feet in the pool. So I went for it. If you are unfamiliar with After Effects, it is Adobe’s ubiquitous industry-standard motion graphics software. Photoshop for video.

In preparing for the class, I figured I’d play around with the program to learn where all the buttons are. Get a head start you know. Since the first thing anyone does when they are learning After Effects is give someone a lightsaber- that was my first assignment. It’s like learning to play “Smoke on the Water” when you first pick up a guitar. I found this great tutorial online and tried to follow it as best I could. Lightsaber Practice is what happened. The finished video is not perfect but After Effects worked out great. Fortunately for me because the actual working lightsaber kept malfunctioning on set.

This is my first and last Star Wars fan film. Enjoy.

| Right click to download the iPod-ready version. 6.3 mb (QT7 required)

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