I find the hoopla surrounding this picture a bit strange. ‘Professional’ photographer Jill Greenberg was hired by magazine The Atlantic to shoot a cover with John McCain. At some point during the shoot, she deceptively snapped this picture that literally portrays McCain in a bad light. (horrible pun, I know) ‘Professional’ is in quotes because regardless of your politcal leanings, she should have been acting in a professional manner. Shouldn’t she?

Maybe not. Maybe she is a hero. Maybe politics in an important election such as this are the only reason you’d be able to get away with this. Regardless of how underhanded it is.

I don’t understand the uproar concerning the picture itself. McCain looks scary. So what? Aren’t Presidents supposed to look powerful? I realize that with our present foreign policy situation, the impression throughout the world of the U.S. being a ruthless bully, that something like this could have a negative effect on McCain’s campaign. However, one of the main perceived differences between the two major parties is that Republicans are tough and Democrats are pussies. Could Jill Greenberg actually have done McCain a favor? Is the uproar only a result of how the picture was acquired? Or is it really the effect it may have on some voters minds. Admittedly, I don’t follow politics as closely as the next guy, so tell me I’m missing something.

When asked if the picture might support the Republican contention that the media is in bed with the Democrats, Jill Greenberg was defiant. “Good. I want to stir stuff up, but not to the point where I get audited if he becomes president.” she says. I don’t know Jill. It’s cute and all, but I don’t know if this little picture is going to achieve what you wanted. Unless of course you wanted to get your name in the paper.

For the record, this website supports Barack.


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