Merry Xmas dead reindeer

We used to go all-out with the decorations at our house. Sure the outside was done with a tasteful minimalism often forgotten during the holidays. But the inside was a veritable winter wonderland of mistletoe-flavored candles, fabergé Christmas trees, and animatronic Santas. Two particular adornments that became a holiday staple were the wicker reindeer than protected the corners of our home. These things came out mid-December along with the rest of the Christmas paraphernalia and scared the crap out of any small children that would pay the Granitos a visit.

Well things can’t stay as jolly as this forever and when it was time to sell the house, so it was time to put the reindeer to sleep. I’ve been sitting on these pictures for a few years now. Never sure if it was in bad taste to post such horrific carnage in plain sight. There could be kids watching! Nevertheless, I’ve decided to display this morbid scene to the world as a reminder to cherish those wonderful little memories you have of the Christmas season.

Because one day your parents will move and throw it all out in one quick trip to the curb.

Merry Christmas… dead reindeer.


just awful


avert your eyes!



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