Motion Sickness

I'm gonna be sick.
2008 | 1:34

Like many other people, I surrendered to the hype. That enigmatic trailer. That deliberate exclusion of information. I was there on opening weekend to see Cloverfield. And I was there to nearly vomit on the person sitting in front of me.

We had high hopes for this movie. It’s JJ Abrams. The man responsible for our dear LOST. (Season 4 premieres tonight!) So what if it looked exactly like Godzilla. JJ would see it through. And in some ways he did. We got tons of looks at that cool monster. And the story was a near-perfect post-911 New-York disaster movie.

But there is something to be said about the horrific camera shake. I started pining for the Dramamine about 15 minutes in. Right around when our friend HUD grabbed the camera. The person I was with started feeling it even sooner. I had to shut my eyes and look away every 5 minutes. Probably missed a quarter of the movie because of this. What about reviewers? It can’t be good policy to make a person reviewing your movie physically ill. The girl I was with said it best, “They could have explained it with a simple line of dialogue. Like HUD was a videographer and knew how to handle a camera or something.” In the end, I think it is a gimmick that either failed, or is much better used in small doses. Something the YouTube generation of filmmakers need to get in their heads immediately. (I don’t recall how I reacted to The Blair Witch Project, because I was too busy trying not to shit my pants.)

I would not be surprised if the camera shake is a major reason why Cloverfield has seen such a stiff drop off at the box office. The person sitting in that stadium seat in front of me has no idea how much danger they were in that night.

So here is my interpretation of Cloverfield 2. Bring your barf bag.


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  1. Fitz April 21, 2009

    “Oh-ho I’m so f-ing scared… Awe…I like cheese”

    haha – This is right up my alley.

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