Multiverse: The Mindfuck

I regularly listen to this awesome podcast called RadioLab. Which is re-purposed from a radio show of the same name on WNYC in New York. It’s a great dialogue on all things science-y and I’d encourage anyone with such interests to seek it out on iTunes. Being a colossal science nerd, the discussions are lively, difficult, and folksy. My cup of tea, with honey.

In the most recent podcast, Robert Krulwich, (one of the show’s regular moderators) sits down for a live discussion with author, Columbia professor, and astrophysics genius (and I suspect atheist) Brian Greene to talk about the Multiverse. Even summarizing the deliberation here would be quite a challenge. Which is why I urge you to check out the show on the web.

Basically, Greene discusses the theory of multiple universes. In which there are infinite dopplegangers of every single one of us, doing the exact same things we are doing at this very moment, in infinite variations. Virtually destroying the notion of individuality. He likens the Multiverse Theory to a giant piece of Swiss cheese. Where each bacteria-bored hole represents another universe. He also explains it is more likely that we are living in a Matrix-style simulation, fabricated by a “super-expert” race of beings, rather than living on a real soil and sand planet. And finally, he can be quoted as saying, “There is no free will, there is only physics.”

Mr. Greene is quite lucid throughout and even though his theories make him seem like a quack, he calmly explains that they are based off of real scientific observations. The subject of Occam’s razor does come up, to Krulwich’s credit, which I subscribe to rather heavily. Greene debates it’s “simple” principle and offers a different opinion on simplicity. Obviously, infinity comes up as well, but thankfully they don’t delve too deeply into that ball of frustration.

It’s a mind-bending discussion and a fun little exercise for your forehead muscles. Huh??

Check it out.

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  1. Ben August 18, 2008

    colossal nerd. you got that right.

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