This is the first chance I’ve had a moment to sit down and reflect on the election. So I’m a couple days late.

I don’t follow politics very closely. Only a few issues really rev my engines. (energy/environment/foreign policy for those keeping score) But I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Tuesday’s election. Barack Obama is going to unite this world. I cried during his victory speech. Very nearly wept. It feels so good to live in this country right now. I woke up Wednesday morning literally breathing easier. Feeling hopeful. It really feels like Iraq, the economy, everything horrible that has gone on with this country in the past 8 years can be corrected if we let this man lead the way. We don’t need to worry anymore. And I thought Willy Clinton was the bee’s knees…

In the hour between when they called the election for Barry and his victory speech, the networks seemed to interview every black preacher, black politician, and black historian they could find to give this victory context. Some of them spoke eloquently about it. Some injected histrionics like a Halle Berry acceptance speech. This election was NOT about race. Barry, was quite simply the best and probably only person for the job. He is the first politician I’ve ever trusted. Which is really weird and something I’m still trying to figure out. You just get the feeling that he’s a smart, nice, honest and happens to be black, fellow. Whether or not his policies are perfect… whether or not he can accomplish all he has promised… I believe he will make the best decisions for all of us. I believe he’ll improve our destroyed image throughout the world. Shit, we already look good by electing him.

Believe me, I have not had the Obama Kool-Aid. I’m not a bleeding heart by any stretch. I’m kind of waiting for Barack to let me down. But until then, he makes me cry. What an amazing time for this country. Barack Obama is the first person I’ve ever voted for that has actually won. (I didn’t vote in ’96)

I saw a headline today that read, “BUSH BRIEFS OBAMA ON NATION’S PRIORITIES” and I thought to myself… shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Yay for us. This is so awesome.

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