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The other day I was happily surprised by the news that a teaser trailer for a comedy sitcom pilot called Teachers was posted online. The significance of this? I was the assistant director on the pilot.

Through 4 days in late May and early June, we braved the disgustingly humid weather in New Jersey and Connecticut to shoot this thing. Not too mention the myriad of problems we ran into along the way. What struck me most about the shoot was that regardless of the difficulties we faced, no one on the cast or crew complained once. Everyone seemed to rally around the project. Which was really inspiring to see. Especially because no one was getting paid squat.

The hilarious script was written and directed by Jim Garvey and produced by Christian Lesperance. Obviously our hope is that this thing gets picked up so we can all quit our day jobs and work on something we all genuinely like and support. That’s the hope of any creative person isn’t it? Regardless of what happens, it was great to work on something you can be proud of.

Anyway, check out the trailer below and keep on eye out for it. The show looks terrific and has a great vibe. Not too mention it’s really well acted and super funny! I’ll provide more information as it comes in.

And go here to comment on the video at the Yahoo! page.


  1. Greg August 13, 2008

    Well last week we had our Teachers screening at the bar Angels and Kings in the East Village. It went really well. The place was packed and the crowd reaction was great! A lot of laughter. Jim and Christian were pleased. Especially because they left before I sang karaoke. Sweet Child O’ Mine never sounded so sweet.

    Next up, the New York Television Festival. We submitted the pilot to the festival, and we’re waiting to hear back if we got in. Fingers crossed.

  2. Greg August 13, 2008


    We got into the New York Television Festival!! Woohoo.


  3. […] we went back to the NYTVF after-party and celebrated the “Teachers” win until the sun nearly came […]

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