The Tin Man

I watched the mini-series Tin Man this weekend. This is the Sci-Fi Channel’s “re-imagining” of The Wizard of Oz. After how they “re-imagined” Battlestar Galactica, Sci-Fi had built up enough goodwill that I figured it might be worth taking a look. If for nothing else than to cuddle up with the adorable and giant eye’d Zooey Deschanel. She is so cute.

You see, the Tin Man holds a special place in my heart. I played the Tin Man in my kindergarten’s running of The Wizard of Oz. I had to learn how to skip. I almost didn’t make it on stage because I got a lima bean stuck up my nose. True story. The nuns at St. Philomena’s had to take me to the nun room and help me get it out. I don’t remember if they talked me through it or simply put the fear of god in me, but I do remember that I was able to get it out myself. And dressed in my gray sweat pants, I made it on stage to deliver what was hailed as a breakthrough performance.

Anyway, Tin Man was ok. It had it’s moments. Zooey was great but the rest of the acting was a bit schlocky. The little references to The Wizard of Oz were fun… for a little. The special effects were extremely disappointing. And I’m not quite sure I even understand the name Tin Man. Easily, the most interesting part for me was how these weird monkey/bat type creatures materialize. They actually come from Azkadellia’s (the bad witch) breasts. She unbuttons her coat, thrusts her perfectly wondered breasts forward, and they fly out. Hilarious. Additionally, there was a fair amount of senseless murder that I didn’t anticipate. It’s not something I’d ever watch again, but it was a fairly enjoyable journey.

There is one thing that I’m not so happy to report. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon does NOT sync up with Tin Man as expected. Trying Atom Heart Mother tomorrow.

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