This rain sucks

It is a morbid day here in NYC. Windy, wet, cold. Disgusting. And to think they tried to play a World Series in this… it boggles the mind. It’s gross out. But such weather leads to some fun.

I find it fun to watch people struggle with their umbrellas. You can pick out which umbrella is about to turn inside out with the wind. Consequently, it’s also amusing to watch people try to turn those things right side in again.

My favorite thing to do, is watching the umbrella dance on crowded city sidewalks. You know this one. It’s that awkward move when two people weilding umbrellas are headed straight for each other. One umbrella has to go way up and the other one has to be lowered in order to pass. Usually complicated by scaffolding and other foot traffic. It’s a difficult dance. People usually get poked in the eye or at least dripped on.

Good times had by all.

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