Toe Cleavage

I’m here to make an announcement. Ladies… toe cleavage is hot. Trust me. I know this stuff. It’s dead sexy. Show more of your toes. But not too much. Just like regular cleavage, there is such a thing as too much toe cleavage. As hard as it is to believe. Like, just one or two toes. A little taste. Actually, I should leave that up to you.

Take this also as a warning. Creeps like me aren’t just looking at your chest anymore. Good night, and good luck.

Found this pic here. Thanks *Maya*!

And check out Perversions of The High Heel Pump for more than you ever wanted to know about toe cleavage. Yes, it’s a blog dedicated to it.


  1. Greg August 1, 2008

    I have discovered something way better than toe cleavage.

    Butt cleavage…

  2. not_hot April 16, 2010

    sorry brotha, toe cleavage is about as UNHOT as it gets. Every time I see some trendy hipster chick with her toes hangin out and her nose turned up I just wanna punch her in the face

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