What a night!

WE WON!! Last night “Teachers” took home the People’s Choice award at the New York Television Festival. An actual People’s Choice Award. Beyonce` and I finally have something in common. This award was essentially the top prize for the night. Made extra special because it was voted on by festival attendees. Many many congratulations to Jim and Chris for an outstanding job. I’m happy to ride their coattails to an award and further success. Cafaro took a bunch of pics of the event. I’ll try to get some of those up. But here’s the winning moment…

We friggin won!

Check out our write up in the Hollywood Reporter!

Broadcasting & Cable


My euphoria continued after the awards show dear friends. Because I had tickets to the opening night of Sigur Ros’ fall tour in NYC. My favorite Icelanders played at the stunning United Palace in Washington Heights. As always, the sound was unbelievable. Sigur Ros is the most powerful band on the planet. It must take all the geo-thermal energy in Reykjavik to make a Sigur Ros show possible. Sounds that will blow your mind. Sweet falsetto. Sweeter xylophone!

Sigur Ros was looser than I’d ever seen. I actually heard them mess up a few times. Maybe a little rusty after two weeks off from touring. Jonsi addressed the crowd several times. Which I’d never even heard of. And it was sometimes hilarious because he would do it in Icelandic first.

The absolute highlight of the show for me was Gobbledigook. Sigur Ros you can dance to. They really are as powerful as ever.

Reykjavik or bust. Check out these completely AWESOME pictures from the show that Ryan Muir took for Brooklyn Vegan.

Later, we went back to the NYTVF after-party and celebrated the “Teachers” win until the sun nearly came up.

What a night! I hate being at work right now.

Nice T-shirt
Me wearing the same old T-shirt I wear all time.


  1. yf wilson September 18, 2008

    wow! congrats guys this is awesome news!

  2. Amy September 18, 2008

    SOOOO happy for you all! The Pilot was great and deserved the win. Glad I got to vote!

  3. Cheryl September 18, 2008


  4. Hank September 19, 2008

    Superintendent McClure wants to weigh in and say that our boys, Jim and Christian, have made Holden K – 8 very proud indeed. Oh, and Greg, I expect to see you my office pronto after school.

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