About Me

Whenever I change my “About Me” on the en vogue social networking site of the day, I like to re-post it here. Below was on my Facebook for about 7 months. Has it only been 7 months? It’s been a sssslllloooowww year.


I do a lot of stupid, unexplainable things. I am slave to impulse and usually indulge them without too much thought of consequence. I’ll drink vodka and club soda all night long because it the most “healthy” alcoholic drink. Only to hit up the pizza place for three slices in a drunken stupor at 3am. I’ve had a membership to a local gym for three months and haven’t been there in two. When I was quitting cigarettes I’d buy a pack, smoke one, and throw out the other 19. Just as a way of guilting myself into quitting. It worked… for a time.

I have a mini panic attack every time I get candy from a vending machine for fear that it might get stuck. I only use fans that oscillate, so as not to be a glutton for a breeze. For some reason… and I never go through with it… I want to pronounce “jock-strap” as “jacques strap”.

I loved Pinkerton the first time I heard it. The first concert I ever went to was The Who… at Giants Stadium… with my mom and dad and brother. I do love that guitar.

I’m a real person who will always give a person the benefit of the doubt and a fair shot the first time I meet them. I pre-judge, but I will never let that prejudice interfere with a person’s ability to endear themselves to me. I like to laugh, I hate to cry, and I like to voice my own ill-conceived opinions. Like everyone, I’ve got my very own set of hang-ups. But quite frankly, I am the best person I know.

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