Anatomy Of The Lonely

For the past several weekends I’ve been working on a feature length indie film called Anatomy Of The Lonely. Written and Directed by this cool cat I’ve met named David Winkfield. Lespants is doing double duty both producing it and shooting the thing and he is the one that asked me to help out. This is guerrilla film making at it’s grimiest. Earlier in September we spent a day with the freaks and the hotdogs in Coney Island. Dodging the cops and braving the rain. The stuff came out great. I’ve even donated my apartment for a day to shoot some scenes this weekend. The crew is a bunch of great guys and gals and we’ve been having a blast watching this thing come to life. They just better not scuff up my walls or drag mud through the place. I’ll post more information when I get it.

Check out the extended teaser trailer on vimeo.

Anatomy of the Lonely Teaser from dwink on Vimeo.

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