Today, in Starbucks, a little boy, who couldn’t have been more than 4 years old, attacked me. He saw me walking toward him, lowered his head and rammed me in the crotch with it. It was not a mistake. There was clear intent to cause harm. I wonder his motives. I refuse to believe it was mere child’s play and feel like I was the victim of some sort of organized hooliganism. Has anyone else been attacked in such a manner? Especially in the Times Square area? Agism is a serious problem in this country and to think it may be manifesting itself through violence frightens me. If this is happening under the microscope of New York City, what’s to say pockets of gangs comprised of 4 year old punks aren’t elsewhere.

Luckily, he missed his target. It wasn’t a direct hit. I was not momentarily paralyzed by the aggression. Only the fear that this was somehow premeditated.

I said, “Whoaaaa, there, haha”

I looked down and he looked up at me. Laughing. Taunting. Threatening.

His mother with a smile, “Excuse me.”

And I’m thinking to myself… Ma’am, I’m not sure you’re fully aware of the devil you’re raising.


  1. Bryan December 17, 2009

    She may have been a single mom and that’s her way of meeting men. Sounds like you blew it.

  2. Dennis December 18, 2009

    Blew it? Sounds to me like dodged a bullet.

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