Body Image

I was asked to be interviewed for a short documentary film about body image. The film’s director, Lala Wood, for some reason thought I’d be a good “guy’s guy” and that I’d be willing to speak candidly on camera. Little did she know of my own body image issues (though judging from the film, I’m guessing she assumed) and that I use Photoshop as my diet of choice.

Well apparently I didn’t let her down because she used one of my bites in the final cut. The short film was done as an addendum to the promotional website for the new Neil LaBute play “reasons to be pretty“. This is actually LaBute’s first show to be on Broadway, playing at the Lyceum Theatre in March.

Watch the film at Click the link at the bottom that says “Join the conversation…”

Neil Labute?

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  1. Cheryl February 12, 2009

    Please tell me that is not your booty in the thong!

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