Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi makes me gag. They are essentially jingle writers at this point. They’ll sell their music to whoever will pay them. Not that they had any credibility to begin with. But there truly is nothing redeeming left for this band. Disgusting. Even being born in Jersey, I always thought they were a bunch of pansies. Even that! I always knew they were Springsteen-lite. Sure, I thought they had a few catchy songs. I sing Prayer with the rest of you at every wedding I go to. But I always kept my distance. They are salt-water taffy. Candy. No edge. None. The Boss had more edge in his back pocket on the cover of Born in the U.S.A. than this band. Shit. Poison had triple the edge of Bon Jovi. I know, because I was into Poison.

Bon Jovi is a carefully constructed business. Not a band. A dinosaur of 80’s hair rock (nothing metal about it) that has somehow lasted by following that formula. The fact that Bon Jovi are still around writing jingles for MLB or selling out to television networks makes my stomach twirl. This is a band that is not interested in rediscovering it’s glory days in the slightest. They like their watered-down schlock-rock just the way it is now.

I suspect members of the band would agree with me on most points. They’ll tell you straight up that its a business.

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