Commitment to Miabi

With my 300th post just days ago, I thought I’d revisit a promise I made to myself when this website first shoved off. Though I’ve spoken about it before to friends and such, I don’t think I’ve ever really made the commitment official. In writing. On the site.

The original intention of this space was to create honest and original content for the world to see. That was always the mission. I wanted to write my own stories or comments or observations and post them on the web. Miabi Films are still the centerpiece of this site, but it’s evolved to include writing too. Still… when a new Miabi Film is created, I try to make it a big deal.

This website was started way back in 2003. (Though you’ll find the current incarnation only goes back to 2004) Before the term “blog” was used with any seriousness. Before the era of “sharing stories with friends” or hourly status updates. It has become increasingly easy to post the latest funny video or share the latest weird news story for the masses to ingest. However, I never wanted to be an aggregator. When I find there isn’t enough time for Miabi, where in the past I simply haven’t posted anything, now I default to sharing things I’ve already seen around the net. Just to keep you interested I suppose.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. People that share stories and sites that repost cool content are totally valid. And I think valuable in creating your internet identity. It just strays from the original purpose of this site. So I promise that I will always try to make an interesting observation or story first, before sharing a video about an obnoxious groundhog. Furthermore, when I do share said video of groundhog, I will always try to comment on it intelligently and from an angle that you maybe haven’t heard yet. Am I that interesting to be a cultural commentator? Well I hope so. Hey… if not, who cares? This is an online diary anyway right? I’m an open book.

No one is coming here to get the latest pop culture news, but hopefully you’ll come to hear my comment on it. Or a discussion about toilets. Whatever blows your hair back.

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