“Don’t Ask” in 3D!

Folks. This is a glorious day. Many people know my love of 3D. It’s my favorite gimmick. I believe everyone should own a pair of good 3D glasses. Non-cereal box variety. That’s why I went on eBay a few years back and got a pair of 3D clip-on specs. This way, I could conveniently flip them up and out of the way when I’m not using them. Well, now I present to you my first 3D movie. Whip out your red and blue 3D googles and enjoy a wild ride in a stolen space ship. In multiple dimensions!

Here’s the original movie, posted yesterday. You can find the plot there. No idea why we’re calling it “Don’t Ask”. Don’t ask.

And here it is in 3D…


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  1. Bryan June 24, 2009

    could you please update your video to comply with RealD, this isn’t 1975.

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