Something odd happened to me last night. I was at a bar and two girls came up to me. -There’s more, I swear- They came up and said, “Hey you look like Seth Rogen.”

I was taken back by this. No one had ever compared me to Seth Rogen before. He’s a funny guy and everything but I don’t want to start looking like him. I’m supposed to look like Liev Schrieber. That’s what I’ve been told for years. I’ve gotten used to it. It works. Perhaps it’s the beard that is throwing them. But Liev has a beard too. What’s the deal?

I found myself trying to steer the conversation toward Liev. I said, “Ladies, Ladies…. people call me Liev.” As if I were him.

“Maybe you know my live-in girlfriend Naomi? We just had a kid or two. But seriously girls. don’t call me Liev. Please. Call me Lee.”

And then they turned around and left.

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  1. Dennis February 23, 2009

    I always thought you were a dead-ringer for Forest Gump.

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