Foster’s, Austrailian for Self-Loathing

Austrailian for racist?How do these blatantly contemptuous Fosters Beer commercials continue to air? These things have flown under the radar for years now without a peep of opposition. You know them. Each commercial essentially painting Australians as imbeciles- by showing increasingly silly Aussie (re)interpretations of common behaviors. They are cleverly done and usually pretty funny. But no one seems to take issue with the sentiment. Apparently Australians are just that laid back. I suppose the spots are reclaiming stupidity. Simplicity. Maybe even a show of solidarity? I’m not offended by these commercials. Humor… goes a long way. So does good marketing. Just merely bringing attention to it. If I went and made a commercial lampooning all Polish people as stupid, people would be pissed.

The thing is, since Foster’s is an Australian lager, they’re doing it to themselves. What is with the self-loathing, Foster’s?

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