Further proof of masochism

I’ve spoken before about the truly horrible food establishment that is Europa Cafe. The food is terrible. The service is worse. The prices are ridiculous. But for some reason, and I know what they are (I’m a lazy masochist) I go there every day to get my tea and honey. And nearly every day I walk away hating the place more. Last week, the woman didn’t put the top of my tea on correctly and I almost spilled it all over myself. Today I sat there waiting to be helped as they sat back bullshitting about something. When i finally was helped it took three people to get my order wrong. It’s comical. But I don’t have the footing to complain. I still go back. I’ve boycotted it before, but I still go back. (In my defense, the coffee cart that was in my lobby recently closed down, and Europa is the next closest place, but excuses are like assholes.) They sit there and appeal to tourists and offer up the worst this city has to offer. Terrible. Sorry for yelling.


  1. Mark July 13, 2009

    Shouldn’t you be writing in caps?

  2. sippy July 13, 2009

    What happened to your honey bear? You could be making this tea at your desk.

  3. Greg July 30, 2009

    Finally! I have finally found a replacement for Europa Cafe. It’s right around the corner. The staff is friendly and don’t repeat your order back to you incorrectly. They move quick, so you don’t stand there waiting wondering how they’ll screw up . The food is cheap, which is not a comment on quality. And the kicker, they put the honey in your tea for you. Not looking back.

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