How To Do a Flea-Flicker

Lespants recently asked me if I’d like to collaborate on a “How To” video for the Emerging Filmmaker Program at I was kinda blah about it at first- until he suggested putting my new After Effects skills to work. Seeking any opportunity to use my favorite game for good, I jumped on it.

Howcast is a pretty cool How To site which has hundreds of neat video tutorials. Things like How To Pick up a Flight Attendant and How To Look Hot While Playing “Rock Band”. This is not your father’s How To website.

It all gets wrapped up in their standardized packaging. They provide a basic script, a VO track, graphics, and access to a music library. Leaving us to shoot it any way we want.

We downloaded How To Do a Flea-Flicker. (Grammatically incorrect title. Should be: How to RUN a Flea-Flicker) Christian shot it in front of a green screen on HD with our friend Noah Starr filling in as the entire team. Then I edited it and ran it through After Effects; adding backgrounds and motion graphics work. It was fun to see it all come together and it helped me perfect my FCP to AE to FCP workflow.

Have a looksie… Hopefully you’ll dominate this year’s family pigskin pickup game.


  1. carol granito January 17, 2009

    cute!!! WAS THAT THE GUY FROM “Teachers”?

  2. Mark January 17, 2009

    Yeah greg….CUTE!!…haha mom is calling your work cute.

    By the way…did he borrow your sweet glasses for the defender shot?


  3. Heather Menicucci January 19, 2009


    I’m Heather and I manage the Emerging Filmmakers Program at Howcast. I’m so glad you had fun making your spot. It shows – the spot rocks!

    Any time you guys want to make more, let me know!


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