Human Space Exploration Map

Thought this was pretty cool. It’s a map by National Geographic documenting humankind’s entire historical presence in space. From landings to flybys. A couple of surprises here.

We’ve sent more missions to Venus than Mars. Mars still gets all the glamorous ones, with cute robots and full color 3D panoramic surface images, but it’s surprising we’ve visited the morning star more often. I suppose the insights Venus gives us on weather and global warming can’t be overlooked. And, you know, it’s pretty close.

It’s also surprising we’ve only orbited our Sun 9 times. Sure, it’s a trickier number to pull off given the extreme temperatures involved. But that’s our warmth. Our life. The reason we exist. (at least one of them. The other being Mad Men.) The night sky is filled with billions of stars and this is the only one we get to examine up close. There’s no telling what we’ll learn as we continue studying it. New sources of energy. Insights into the universe. God. Ramp it up boys.

Click the picture to enlarge.

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