It’s Trivariety!

Last night I looked through my iTunes library and realized I don’t have any Motörhead songs. I know of Motörhead and everyone knows who Lemmy is, (Lemmy Kilmister, the lead singer and bassist of Motörhead) but I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a complete Motörhead song before. I could sing the chorus to “Ace of Spades”, but that’s about it. Well I downloaded some and I found out something about Motörhead: I’m not really into Motörhead.

I just happen to have a few iTunes credits… which I won in a stunning come-from-behind victory at Trivariety!

Trivariety is -as the name implies- part trivia game, part variety show. Teams assemble to compete in a 20 questions two-round format while local actors and musicians perform in various skits. Often acting out the questions themselves. An irreverent mix of sex and humor and fabulous prizes! Last night we had the alluring Minsky Sisters doing burlesque tap and acting out scenes from movies. The questions are generally pop culture; spanning geography, history, literature, and film. Trivariety is the brain-child of Simon Astor (Witch Prison) and Meg Van Huygen. The show is put on every other Monday night. I’d been meaning to check it out for a while now and so glad I did. Not just because our team won. (The Stella our Twats) The show’s great!

All of this goes down at The Fortune Cookie Lounge in the basement of Lucky Chengs on 1st at 1st. Ex Speakeasy. Ex Bath house. Now it’s just a little ol’ Drag Queen Cabaret Bar. Perfectly grimy and dark enough to enhance the mis en scene of trivia night. Ask Simon, he might just show you around the ancient inner-workings of the place.

Do your soul a favor and go to Trivariety. You don’t even need your own team. You can just pair up with someone already there. A guaranteed good time.

Don’t believe me? Check out the review in Time Out.

Winnie the poooooh

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