Long Halls

Long halls. I hate long halls. I can’t stand that awkward moment when you recognize someone way down the hall. You see they recognize you, but you’re simply too far away to yell hello. Sure you can give a wave or a thumbs up, but then what? You’re still slowly, awkwardly, headed toward each other. There’s going to be a hello. You have to prepare for it.

It helps if you’ve come up with a different greeting for each person in your office. However, when your office has upwards of a hundred people, and you’re somewhat of a social butterfly, personalized greetings get muddled. You lose track. Did I give this guy the “How’s it hanging?” already this week? Is it transparent? Do I really care how it’s hanging? Does he? What’s with the formality?

Then of course there’s the situation where you see someone way down the hall and you’re not quite sure if they’re greeting-worthy. You kind of know them. You certainly don’t have a personalized greeting for them yet. Walking toward them with a nervous half-smile you think to yourself: Should I say hello? Maybe this is an opportunity to try out some new stuff? Should I trying bringing back The Arsenio? Then when you get up close you can try: “Hey… Jim…right? How do you feel about long halls?”

I find it much easier to stare at the floor as you walk. You risk bumping into walls and corners and even other people, but at least you don’t have the long hall problem anymore. Staring into space is another option, but then people think you’re stoned.

I also hate long hauls.


  1. Dennis April 8, 2009

    Bring back the Arsenio.

  2. Sippy June 5, 2009

    I feel your pain, brother.

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