Melon Balls

Why do melons taste better when they are balled? I know I’m eating the same cantaloupe whether it’s chopped, sliced, chunked, or balled. But for some reason I prefer cantaloupe in a perfectly round form. This goes for all melons. Honey Dew, Cantaloupe, Watermelon. It makes no difference. Shit, I even like Kiwi like this.

It does beg the question, what else will taste better when it’s balled? I was at the MoMA the other day. In the “Design Store” (aka gift shop) they were selling ice cube trays that created ice balls. Can you image how good ice would be if it were in a ball? Good enough to be in a museum gift shop, I can promise you that. Think of the surface area. Think of how cold your ice tea could get. Would olives taste that delicious if they weren’t that shape? And they’re not even balls! More oblong.

The point is… chicken, hot dogs, even string beans… Most foods could benefit from being sphered.

How to carve a smile on a watermelon.

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