Minute Men

Be prepared to be sick to your stomach. Stamina Pillows are a new take on a very old problem. Here’s an invention that is so simple in it’s design and execution, you wonder why we’re just seeing these now. These pillows are simultaneously brilliant and vomit-inducing!

Linens designed to increase a man or woman’s stamina in bed by offering pictures of horrifically ugly people embroidered right on them. The idea is that you look at these and instantly lose any mojo you may have had going. Kind of like thinking about your Grandma naked, minute men.

What started as an ad campaign for Durex Performa condems turned into something far more than they expected. Durex had to print hundreds more of the stamina pillows because they were such a success.

Quite frankly, these things are so disgusting they could easily spoil the whole affair. I’m truly scarred by these images.

This link is slightly NSFW

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