So do I take my clothes off?

I’m the king of socially awkward. Last week I had my yearly physical. Everything checked out fine, but of course, not without incident.

My doctor was late. The 9:30 appointment had been pushed back a half hour before I left the house and I was waiting for another 45 minutes at the office. Waiting for the doctor to actually get there. Once he finally did arrive, there was a mad scramble to see the patients that had piled up in the waiting room. I was called rather quickly and a nurse ushered me to the room. She didn’t say a word and left. The panic begins.

What do I do? I’m here for a physical. Do I take my clothes off? I’m already late for work and Doc is probably running around trying to catch up. Maybe just my shirt? I really don’t know what to do here. I don’t want to be butt naked when the doctor first sees me, but I need to help expedite this thing.

Shoes and button-down. That’s easy. Then the jeans come off. Then they go back on. Maybe I’ll just take my undershirt off? You know, take the pants off as needed. I don’t know. That just doesn’t seem right.

Decide to get down to boxers. Leave the socks on and stay in my undershirt. I figure this is the least awkward (for me anyway) move. It was a game-time decision and I went with it.

After another few minutes, Doc opens the door. And of course his first words are, “Oh. I see you’re all ready for your physical.” In a tone that was easily detected as surprise. I get defensive.

“Well I didn’t know if I should take all my clothes off or wait for you and see what I should do. But thank you for bringing it up.”

“Yeah. You could have left them on. But I’ve walked in on people completely naked, laying down on the table.”

“Good to know. Should I cough now?”

Want to thank that nurse for leaving me… hanging. Doh!

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