2005 | 9:24

I was sure this day would come. I thought it would come 3 years ago. But it’s here now and I hope you are all frothing at the mouth, chomping at the bit, doing whatever it is you do when you’re excited. Stall has been completed. A project that started in the summer of 2005, four years later is done. This movie has gone through so much since then.

Stall is a short comedy about a guy stuck in a bathroom. Paul just wants to get home, but that is easier said than done.

Lespants came to me in the spring of ’05 and said hey do you want to work on this movie I wrote? I thought it was a funny script and said sure. We held some pre-pro meetings and had a casting call. Our mutual friend Dave Schoner provided the location, and what a perfect location it was. We actually didn’t have the bathroom until the very last minute, but it worked out great. We had an empty building in Newark, NJ and an office for staging. 2 days in a stifling bathroom was rough, but everyone was just happy to be shooting it. That proved to be the easy part.

Our dear friend Dan began cutting it in the fall of ’05 and gave us a great first cut. But life took over and bills needed to be paid, so Dan bowed out of the project. That winter Christian took all of the footage to California with him and planned on finishing the thing there. A stolen hard drive and a year later, the footage came back east.

Other projects began to take priority, but Stall always lingered. Much of this is Dan’s original cut, which I basically trimmed and finessed. Ultimately adding music, sound design, and doing color.

There is so much footage littering the cutting-room floor. The original script was about 20 pages and we shot most of it. We were wet behind the ears back then and weren’t sure what we could do with it. 20+ minutes would have been too long. I toyed with the idea of making it a web mini-series. Though It probably was more like a TV pilot than anything else. In the end, I’m just happy it’s finished so we can put this project behind us. We owed it to Matt and Michael who are awesome in it and worked their butts off.

Without any further delay, I give you Stall.

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