This post probably contains SPOILERS so if you are not caught up on Battlestar Galactica, you’ll probably want to avoid it.

My good friend Dennis posed the question, “What is Kara Thrace? A Cylon? The One True God? An angry drunk?”

I realize I’m setting myself up for failure here, but here is my response:

“If I may geek out….

She’s certainly a drunk. I’m not sure if she’s angry or completely and utterly depressed.

I think Kara is rooted in the reality of the show, (as funny as that sounds) so she is not a supernatural deity either. However, gods are created by people and perceptions and perhaps earlier Cylons perceived her as The One True God. They treat Hera as a God. As her name alludes to.

So, I’m gonna say Starbuck is a halfie. She’s the first true halfie, not Hera. When she crashed on Earth she was resurrected. Before resurrection became impossible. (I have to fact check that) Can halfie’s resurrect? We don’t know. I say they can.

If she is The One True God/Halfie, why is she not sought after by the Cylons as vehemently as Hera? They don’t know about her. Cavil has kept her a secret to remain in power and to push his anti-human agenda. Only the 2 (Leoben) has shown a real interest in her. Being a Model 2 maybe he had some knowledge of her. Perhaps its instinctual. Though, I don’t think he is quite aware of her true nature. The Hybrid definitely knows about her. But I assume Cavil has a muzzle on the Hybrid at this point. How did she get out of the resurrection ship? Perhaps the Cylons let her go, not knowing what she is, before she discovered anything about her past. She could lead them right to Earth. Maybe she escaped Starbuck-style, but in some kind of post-resurrection trance.

Only Cylon women have been shown to be able to procreate with a human male suitor. As far as I know there is no Cylon sperm. So the question is, who is her cylon mother and human father?

My guesses:
William Adama & Ellen Tigh: A weekend tryst behind Saul’s back? Scandalous. But then how come Ellen isn’t more interested in Starbuck? Maybe Cavil took her away from Ellen immediately after birth.

William Adama & his wife. Mrs. Adama would have been another model of Cylon we haven’t met yet. Meaning Apollo is a halfie as well. This would also suggest we’d see Zak Adama again being a halfie. He would have been able to resurrect. (Though maybe he wasn’t close enough to a resurrection ship when he died) That would also mean she was married to her brother. Yikes! Scratch this guess. Considering there’s only 3 episodes left, I highly doubt this one.

Or maybe Cylon sperm does exist. Throwing everything into disarray!”

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  1. lymond crawford March 7, 2009

    Starbuck is Hera version 1012. Remember this has all happened before and it will happen again. Hybrids reencarnate without resurrection ships. They just need a little water….

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