The Organizer

My friends Eyal and Saul entered the New York 48 Hour Film Project for a second year. From 7:30pm on Friday to 7:30pm on Sunday they had to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a short film using a couple of key elements given to every team. It was described to me like this. You go to a bar with your team to get drinks and mingle with all the other filmmakers. Then, the festival organizers give you a key character, key line of dialogue, and a key prop that everyone has to use in their shorts. (Films, not pants.) Which is followed by a drawing whereby each team is assigned a different genre to work in. From that point forward you’re off on your own for the next two days. If you are even a minute late on Sunday, your team is disqualified and you’re spending Sunday night hallucinating from sleep deprivation. This film fest is an incredibly fun and tiring way for local film makers to test their mettle.

Well my friends got the Superhero genre. Something close to any geek’s heart. Though it was unfortunate for Eyal who got the job of editing and doing all the motion graphics for the thing. I believe he slept for 3 hours in that 48 hour period. Really, dude, at the point, what’s the point? Check out what they came up with below.

This year’s key elements were:
Character: Benjamin or Bethany Grimes, Professional Organizer
Prop: Keys
Line of Dialogue: “You’re not going to believe what I just heard.”

The Organizer – NY 48 Hour Film Festival from Eyal Dimant on Vimeo.

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  1. Hank June 11, 2009

    All that in under 48 hours? It looks terrific! Congrats to Eyal and Saul!

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