The right to assemble…

…outside my office.

After a long morning of meetings, I decided to go outside for some quality vitamin D and a nice hot lunch. The chanting didn’t become audible until the lobby, but it steadily grew as I approached the revolving doors. A large crowd had gathered directly outside my office. Rallying in support of Obama’s health care initiative.

It’s dangerous for someone like me to publicly come down on either side of a heated debate such as this. For one, I’m not all that interested in politics to begin with. I won’t claim to know the specifics of either side’s complaint. Secondly, I’m just here to entertain, man. No one wants to hear my opinion on the issues just because I happen to have a really great soapbox with hilarious posts and funny videos. Some might call that cowering. I call it not going Brad Pitt middle-aged crazy. Let me marry a sexy vampire and adopt a few hundred kids before I try to save the world.

But goddamn if I don’t love a few thousand people exercising their First Amendment right to assemble. It’s so wonderfully spartan. They even got a real life doctor to speak. Complete with white coat! Hey, did you know the United States is the only “advanced” country that does not have universal health care?

Also… enjoy this video from Funny or Die. Glad to see James Dixon: Power Priest getting the message out.

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