Trail Of Deaf

Last night I caught …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. To say they blew the roof off the place would be a lie. We all got murdered last night. I haven’t seen a band rock so hard in a long time. There was moshing and crowd surfing, (Which I stayed away from, but was still appreciative.) and guitars louder than rocketships.

I’ve loved these guys since ’99 and finally got a chance to see them. The 3-guitar, 2-drummer pummeling was enough to leave ringing in my ears that continues at this very moment. The guys brought a much needed energy to a sometimes morose Brooklyn crowd. Their hardcore roots were on full display and the show was catalyzed by 10+ years of experience. They know what they’re doing. There was even a rock star moment as the bassist yelled out, “We love you Bowery Ballroom!”

Though I didn’t get the one song I wanted to hear, Worlds Apart, that did not diminish the rocktitude I was given. I’d strongly recommend seeing Trail Of Dead whenever you can, just to forget about things for a few hours and bump up against people who are out to have a great time.

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