Walmart Growth Map

This is scary. This animated map shows the growth of Walmart from one feeble store in 1962 to well… the frightening, all-consuming beast it has become today. The only thing that approaches the fear I get when walking into a Walmart, is the fear I get from walking into an IHOP. It’s Middle America at it’s biggest. And that scares me.

I don’t like their policy on censorship. Being a creative, I think it’s pretty unfortunate they censor art. Especially when so many people go there to shop. Who do the Walton’s think they are?

What it really boils down to though, is that Walmart dilutes the neighborhood. Millions of Randy Marsh’s enter Walmart each day to feast on their low prices and one-stop shopping. Destroying local business in the process. I’m sure people around this country think that getting a Walmart in their town is a good thing. “Honey, we’ve finally made it! *tear* Walmart is coming to town!” That’s not making it lady. It’s just a big, giant installation of Middle American consumerism.

No offense to Middle Americans, but you scare me. With all your mullets and your pickups and your whiteness. Have I generalized enough?

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  1. Dennis January 8, 2009

    Somebody call Dustin Hoffmann and Renee Russo – we’ve got an Outbreak over here!

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