We’re winning

We’re winning! Revel in it ladies and gents. Boeing recently announced that they have successfully shot down a highly sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; using a laser! Robots! Lasers! Side note, doesn’t it feel more appropriate to spell Lazer with a Z?

Humans 1 Robots 0

It should be noted that this was done without the aid of John Conner. A noble accomplishment. We’ll still need his help if we’re going to win this thing, but it’s a good start. Once Skynet is turned on, this is going to be a lot more difficult. Throw in the fact that soon the we’ll all be held captive by a neurological simulation while those very same UAVs use our bodies as batteries, and you start to realize that we should really relish this victory.

Also, according to the picture… this also coincides with the return of the dinosaurs. Bonus!


Take that you aluminum scum!

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