I woke up this morning to a really fun email from my friend Dennis out in Portland. He stumbled onto this site called www.xtranormal.com. xtranormal is a sophisticated (I think) web application that allows you to create simple animations by just typing in text. No animation experience required. If you can type out dialogue and have basic idea of story structure, you can create really nice animations. It’ll take you a few renders to get it right, but I’m confident you’ll be happy with your creation.

Anyway, Dennis was kind enough to animate his favorite scene from his favorite Miabi Film Shark.

Watch it. It’s hilarious.

xtranormal also has a cool REMIX feature. You can “remix” most animations on the site by changing dialogue, backgrounds and more. Go here to remix this scene from Shark. And share it with us!

Note: xtranormal has become quite popular over the past few weeks and their servers are feeling the load. They are working on the problem.

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