A Glorious Dawn

So this is rather geeky, but I thought I’d share it anyway. It’s a little remix with a message using bites from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I realize they needed auto-tune to make this work, but it really seems offensive here, given the fact that Sagan had one of the greatest voices ever. If you haven’t seen Cosmos, you really should just go find some train tracks to lie on.

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  1. Maura April 30, 2010

    a. with the auto tune, sagan sounds a bit like kermit.
    b. this is amazing! have you talked to llama about space and astronomy? she’s an astro buff, and used to teach it! (to me! in college!) you guys will have to chat it up next week. i’m sending this to her.
    c. this is why we’re friends. (oh, bryan too.)

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