Are We Alone?

Are we alone?? Really? What a pointless question to ask. Of course we’re not alone. Look at the numbers. How is that even mathematically possible? It’s an antiquated question from a time when we didn’t quite fully grasp the universe around us. This is not to say that we grasp it now… far from it. But we’re certainly much farther along on that journey. To quote Sagan, for intelligence to have arisen on only one little ball of iron would be “an awful waste of space.”

But the numbers are beside the point. It is a loaded question. Even if we are alone, how are we ever going to satisfy that? Sure, this generation and many more that follow it will probably die not having a definitive answer. But that doesn’t mean it’s an answer. Simply put, the answer can never be “Yes, yes we are Greg.” No one will ever be content with a yes to this question. They’ll always be looking for little green men. So to contradict myself, the definitive answer is “No, dingbat. Stop asking.”

The question becomes, “Why would we be alone?” And that is a condescendingly rhetorical question.

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