Beautiful Physics Starting Now

So the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) started really smashing things yesterday. My friends and I have been anxiously awaiting this day. Not for the potential life changing discoveries the LHC may provide, but, naturally, for the black hole it’s bound to create that will consume the Earth in a flash of gravity and special effects. Indeed we are still here and all we can really hope for is that the black holes putter out very quickly and don’t suck us all to Geneva. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Geneva, I hear it’s wonderful.) I for one am very excited about this massive experiment. Sure they are looking for the God Particle and a menagerie of other cleverly named designer specks. But I’m really excited for the surprises. What are they going to find that they weren’t looking for? And will it improve the functionality of my microwave or alarm clock? These are exciting times. Go science!

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