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I was a little disappointed last week when I couldn’t get my act together in time to go to SXSW. Even though my bosses said they’d pay for it. None of us really knew about the interactive portion of the annual conference. I thought it was a film festival with good music! I have always wanted to see Austin and the interactive portion kind of hit the big time this year. At least in my eyes. The sessions offered where really cool and totally what I’m in to. I picked the ones I wanted to go to, wrote up what I was going to get out of it and handed it in to my boss. Then I downloaded the official SXSW iphone apps and waited. But alas, I got the go ahead on a monday and had to leave that thursday. So I made a game-time decision to skip it this year. You can bet I’ll have my glasses and tight jeans ready for next year.

But had I gone, I would have been met with this sign from a local bar that wasn’t too thrilled by the unusually high traffic.
Good riddance SxSWers


  1. Greg February 21, 2011

    FYI, if anyone’s keeping track… act. together. this. year.

  2. Greg February 27, 2011

    What panels are you guys checking out at this year’s SxSW?

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