Bridal Breakdown

Howdy folks. Wanted to clue you in to something I’ve been working on lately. Recently, I executive produced a new web series for Wedding Central is the sister network of WE tv and has positioned itself as all wedding programming, all the time. We had a few bucks lying around at the end of 2009 and decided to do an original online series as a companion to the network.

Bridal Breakdown is what came out of it. And what better way to be a dude at a women’s network then by creating a bridal prank show? Essentially, Punk’d for brides. We told these women they were being filmed for a documentary on weddings in NY, but as the cameras rolled, we rolled in our pranksters to wreak havoc on these unsuspecting brides. The wedding industry is big business and many women these days take themselves a little too seriously when it comes to the big day. I think BB works as a light-hearted approach to taking a step back and realizing this is a time to celebrate, not be a bridezilla. Yeah right! Messing with people is just too much fun. Pranking a bride isn’t THAT mean is it?

The show went live on Monday, February 8th. It’s gotten a little press here and there. But today we were picked up by Entertainment Tonight for a special segment to air tonight at 7:30pm on CBS, with possibly maybe others in the coming weeks. That’s pretty cool for a web only show! Mary Hart might be talkin’ ’bout our show. Mary Friggin’ Hart. She’s been doin’ this since ’82.

You can watch the first episode below. We’ll release one each Monday on for the next six weeks. Try not to cringe too much. Enjoy!


  1. maura February 11, 2010

    is mary hart going to interview you?!

  2. Mark February 11, 2010

    Whoa…where should I begin?

    Did they just high-five over a dress?

    Did she just say “You’re making me upset because she’s upset?”

    Did that segment end with her saying “WTF?”

    Well done!!

  3. Barry Gibb February 11, 2010

    Ha ha ha ha…stayin alive.

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