I’ve hated New Year’s Eve for as long as I can remember. The entertainment bar is set so high, it’s nearly impossible to reach. I figure if I hate it, I’ll lower expectations and may have a good time. Regardless, I always participate in the spectacle kicking and screaming. Every year it’s a let down.

Well last year started with such promise. With a pizza and a kiss. I was happy. Hopeful. Several years of downers behind me. In the end though, 2009 was more of the same. I’ve spent most of this past year beat down and sullen. I wake up every morning with the exact same images in my head. As if my mind has stopped making new memories. And is haunted by the old ones.

This holiday season was ruined by revelations of far away lands on a commuter train in November. Never mind all of the music and movies throughout the year that either served as reminders of the past or that I avoided as not to be reminded. Long nights, staring at the ceiling. Unable to get a decent night’s sleep. All leading up to this day- January 1, 2010.

Scientists have been able to erase memories in rats. Apparently, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is not that far off. In that movie, Jim Carrey faced hesitation and regret to the procedure. I don’t know if I’d be that flip-floppy. 3 million girls in this city and I see your face on every other one of them.

This is not just for those lucky rats anymore. Researchers have developed a therapy that, without drugs, can erase certain memories. Will this be covered by my $20 copay or is it going to count as a “specialist”? Either way, hello to a promising 2010.

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  1. Greg January 3, 2010

    I lied. I don’t think I’d be able to go through with it.

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