Why does someone always try to stop someone else from performing CPR? You’ve seen this scenario a hundred times at the movies or on a TV show. At some climactic point, a main character drowns or gets electrocuted and is rendered unconscious. Another main character, usually the love interest, is left trying to breathe life into the fallen star. Trying vigorously to rescue him or her from certain doom. At which point, a third character, usually part of some love triangle says, “Give up. He’s dead. He’s dead! It’s over! Give up! Stop!” There is usually a long dramatic pause as the two of them are left with the realization that this person might in fact be dead. But every time, the love interest or doctor or whomever refuses to accept this and feverishly goes back to work, against the urging of the other person. “Live! Live damn it! You’ve got to live!!” And every time, our fallen star coughs to life.

Why are we always trying to stop someone from performing CPR? Just let them perform the damn CPR. It’s gonna work!

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  1. Bryan July 1, 2010

    Glad to hear that’s your approach, I hope you’re around if I ever drown, get electrocuted and is rendered unconscious.

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