Double Complete Rainbow

I’m not sharing this because I think it’s something you need to see. By now you’ve probably already seen or heard about this video. It’s been on internet news sites like Huffington Post and probably in your inbox. A guy named Bear captured a DOUBLE COMPLETE RAINBOW ALL ACROSS THE SKY at Yosemite National Park. I’m sharing this for two reasons. First, you’ve got to love this guy’s enthusiasm. There’s a certain genuineness to it. Even if Bear is on some kind of psychedelia (which is not confirmed), you can tell that we’re witness to a moment of sincere awe. And I suspect we’d get a similar reaction with or without any drugs. I just like Bear.

Secondly, I’m sharing this because I myself am still in awe of the culture we live in. We live in a world where a guy posts a home video to some website and it spreads like a virus to you and me. The concept of the viral video or internet meme still intrigues me and it’s been a part of our culture for almost a decade now. It’s especially exciting when it’s organic like this video. When there are no marketing dollars behind it. When people finesse the concept, remix it, and just have fun with a silly video.

The original

One remix, with autotune!

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