Dull Objects – Color Explorations

I don’t know why I didn’t post this months ago. It’s just been sitting in my drafts folder. So I’m posting now.

Nearly a year ago now, I did two additional “color explorations” of the Dull Objects piece. These came out of some tests I was doing while trying to figure out what the final video was going to look like. I figured I’d share these with you in lieu of any new video content I have.

In the first one, I used a sweeping posterized color tint. I had originally wanted to do something with color, but ultimately landed on an over-saturated look. This was my first test.

This second one is my Wild Card! A contrasted, liquified, yellow. Think real life anime. Bearded fantasy. It only works well on some of the shots, and I was too lazy to make it look really great the whole way through.

Lastly, here’s a version using a technique for faking depth of field. It is subtly different that the main video, but out of the 4 versions, I think I prefer this one the best.

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