Empire at 30

Happy 30th anniversary to one of the greatest movies ever made, science fiction or otherwise. The Empire Strikes Back had a profound effect on me that lingers to this day. Without being too sentimental or heavy-handed, it made me want more from my entertainment. Star Wars didn’t just raise the bar of action/adventure/science fiction movies. It attached two rockets on either side of the bar and launched it into the upper atmosphere. So when Empire came out, and the storytelling got deeper, the acting got better, the action got more intense, we knew we weren’t just watching another sequel. We were firmly planted in another universe.

Now imagine it as a 50’s 3D sci-fi flick.

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  1. Greg November 29, 2010

    The director of Empire, Irvin Kershner died today. You directed a masterpiece and we thank you for it.
    I know.

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