Jersey Shore

I resisted this show for as long as I could. I was offended by the concept, not only as an Italian, but as someone from Jersey who’s spent many summers on the Jersey Shore. Monday, on MLK Day, I did what any regular white guy with a lot of time on his hands would do… I watched a marathon of this glorious train wreck, catching up just in time for the finale this passed thursday. And I came to the simple conclusion that this show is amazing television. Some of the best reality TV I’ve seen since The Osbournes. (I don’t watch much reality tv). It’s easy to tell why Jersey Shore is such a megahit. It’s got incredible characters and hilarious situations. (< - see what i did there?) I'm converted. And after watching the terribly produced reunion show, I'm pretty sure the show is scripted. Which I don't mind in the least.

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