I’m really into crowd-sourcing or in this case, crowd-funding. Kickstarter is a really terrific concept in which you as the artist post your creative intentions to the world wide wonderful in the hopes that kind, gentle souls help pay for the project. You are given real or superficial rewards at each donation level as incentive, though the real incentive is contributing to a great idea. Helping someone see it through. The internet continues to make it harder and harder to be a struggling artist.

I was introduced to the site through someone I had briefly worked with and her comedy pilot, Sleepwalkers, reached it’s funding goal this summer. Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

I put forth, in the vein of crowd-sourcing and putting an amazing idea to good use, anyone interested in collaborating on a project with Miabi Films should respond to this post. We’ll use the technology available to us and fund it through Kickstarter. Now we just need a great concept. I have a few, but I’m all ears.

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