Let It Be, please

This is cringe-worthy and hilarious all at the same time. Apparently, to promote it’s fourth season, Norwegian talk show Gylne Tider created this promo of D-List celebrities singing a borderline Muzak version of “Let It Be”- “We Are The World”-style. The cheese and randomness factors are through the roof on this one. What is unclear is whether or not they are being ironic or simply believe in the power of celebrity so blindly that they’re willing to put this many once-names into a promo for a current show. (I also submit that there is the possibility that Gylne Tider is actually a show about D-List celebrities from the 80’s and 90’s)

Love seeing Robert Englund make an appearance. Three cheers for Lou Ferrigno and Berlin too!

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  1. Mark December 7, 2010

    alfonso ribeiro, jason alexander, and the son from forrest gump are hardly “d-list” celebrities.

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