LOST – The Complaints

This is so incredibly written and clearly comes from the mind of a LOST fan. This hilarious recap by College Humor of the “unanswered questions” on LOST is so amazingly put together. I wish I knew the intent behind it. Is this a serious complaint? A comment on LOST fandom? A love-letter to the show? A little of all three?

To me, this sums up my biggest complaint against many LOST fans. It seems like people get so caught up in trying to get answers to all the mysteries set up in the story, that you forget why you’re watching the show in the first place. You become consumed by the need to get the answers. This show’s charm was in it’s characters and it’s story. The mystery element is just a bonus. Enjoy the ride, stop trying to figure it all out. Do we really need the answers to all of the questions. Seems kind of selfish. Lindelof and Cuse have said repeatedly that this was a love story about characters, so I’m going to take their word.

It’s been a few days now and I’m still obsessed with the LOST finale. It’s like we lost a dear friend and it stinks.

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